About Marin Gear Shop

The Marin Gear Shop is part of the APEX Design Co. family of companies. APEX Design Co. (ADC) is a local, Marin-based, design firm that cranks out all kinds of cool stuff on a regular basis. The Marin Gear Shop along with Marin Stock Photo are outlets for the creative madman, Hasan Tas Sume, a Marin native and founder of ADC.


About Hasan

htsI was born and raised here in Marin and love exploring it still to this day. I went to school out in The Valley (San Geronimo) and learned to surf at Cron and Bolinas (before it was a hipster madhouse). I mountain biked the hills of Marin vigorously for most of my 20’s, studied film, photography and design first at College of Marin then graduated from SFSU. I started a design firm, 8fold Design, which has now morphed into the APEX trio. I live in Novato with my awesome wife and three beautiful kids. Oh, and I am a bit of a Star Wars nut. If I’m not sitting on my arse in front of a computer I’m out surfing, mountain biking or doing tai chi.